Professional Controller / Mixers:

Rane Serato Sixty Eight Mixer and
Rane Serato Software with TTM 57SL. In Addition,
Numark with CUE Software for Music, Video Music and Karaoke
Numark DM 1900 Pro Mixer
Numark KMX 02 Karaoke DJ Station Mixer


Alesis Mixing Board EQ
DBX Single Channel 31 Band (2) EQ

Bose 802 Series ll Loudspeakers (6)
Bose 302 Dual Sub (2)
Bose 502 B Sub Woofers (3)
EAW's 15" Trio Hi, Mid and Base (Custom Cabinet Speakers) X Large (2)
EAW's Horn/Drivers - Inside Custom Cases (2)
Electro Voice Dual 15" Woofers (Custom Cabinet Speakers) X Large (2)
Event - Tuned Reference 5 Bi Amplified/Direct Field Speakers with tweeter and 6" Woofer - Monitors (2)


Alesis Multi Mix 12 Fire Wire Mixing Board
Allen & Heath GL2400 Mixing Board (Analog & Stereo)
Odyssey ATA Flight Zone Cases
Odyssey Carpeted Rack Mount Cases
Odyssey Carpeted Turntable & Rack Mount Case
Road Ready Flight Zone Cases
SKB Non Flight Zone Rack Mount Cases
Crest Audio AMP (200 Watts) 8 Ohms
Crown Micro Tech 1200 (700 Watts) 8 Ohms
Crown Power Base 1 (500 Watts) 8 Ohms
Crown XTI 4000 (400 Watts) 8 Ohms


Detailed Equipment List Information:

Sound Consoles/Controllers:

Available Equipment and Options - View Links, Photo/Images:

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You can also contact us for any audio, lighting or video service for Corporate events/function/activity. WE DO HOLIDAY PARTIES TOO. Live sound equipment and or rehearsals service is also available. We can handle many other events or functions which are also in need of such equipment or service.

Example: We can also provide up to a 24 Channel Live sound board mixer along with an exceptional sound system with a variety of lights, mics, stands and other equipment for a variety of applications.
A professional premium sound system designed for any ballroom, hall or venue to enhance and provide an exceptional clear difference, even during speeches or live performances. In addition to the sound system, we offer a variety of other products in our service to finalize your event. We can also accommodate any small to medium size Live Band in need of equipment as well. Take some time to browse through our website to get familiarized with our equipment, service and options available for any event.

We test all of our equipment and perform scheduled maintenance to make sure that every piece is working correctly. We pack, deliver, setup and test our system prior to any event. This gives us the leverage to run our equipment more effective.

Audio Equipment

 ​​​713 858 - 9265  


Microphones and Stands:

AKG M 800 Wired Microphone
Audio Technica Wireless Mic (UHF Synthesized Diversity Receiver ATW-R310
Numark WS 32 Single Non-Diversity Wireless Mic And Receiver (RF)
Shure Wired Microphones - Variety of Models
Shure Wireless Mic With Receiver (SLX4) 87B
Shure Base Microphone (Drum Base)
Mic Stands
Studio Boom Mic Stand (Medium and Large)
Mic and Stand Travel Bags and Cases
Mic Cables
Microphone Goose Neck Adopters
24 Channel Snake Mic and Equipment Cable/Adopter Unit with 100' Length Cable
Tascam Dual CD/Cassette Player/Recorder
Roland/Boss Digital Recorder - Micro BR

Audio Recording:


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Power Conditioners:

Monster Power MP Pro 4500 Power Center
Monster Power Pro 800 High Performance Power Center
Monster Power Pro 1000 With Clean Power Stage 2 Power

Dual CD Decks, MP3 and SD Controllers:

Dell Inspiron
Memory: 4GB

With Lighting Hardware BLUELITE X1 mini 512 Channels (USB).


Sound Effects and Other Related Electronics:


(For Karaoke & Video VJ):

5" Sony TV Monitor
10" Color TFT /LCD Monitor/CD/DVD Player
15" Mbest TV Monitor With Custom Stand for Karaoke and Video Application

Turntables For Vinyls and Serato Live Mix:

Technics 1200's (2)
Technics Classic D101 with Pitch Control (2)
American Audio SDJ1 (Dual SD Card Controller)
Denon DN-D6000 Dual CD Player
Denon DN-D4500 CD/MP3 Player-Interface (Including: Denon BU 4500)
Denon DN-D1000 

Lighting Controller:

MacBook Pro
Microsoft Surface Book 2

Furman 2 Way Crossover
Symetrix 422 Stereo AGC/Leveler