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Performance & Sound Co. is Committed in Providing a Pro-Service at Competitive Rates.

Rates are one of the first key factors in today's entertainment industry, this is why taking the time and effort is very important for Bobby Lorenzo because he likes to first get familiar with your plans to better serve the appropriate information and quote.

Although music and entertainment is one of the first steps in almost any event, not all require the same service or equipment. This is what makes a quote different in most occasion and can be achieved by taking the time to know exactly what the client is interested in obtaining. One Important area is knowing well your budget or how much you want to spend for that very special occasion. Yes, that very special occasion that will need special attention to some important details before, during and after the event. Some clients might not have a clue at times what is available or what can be achieved for a specific occasion.

No Worries, DJ Bobby wants you to feel comfortable and be open to ideas and suggestions by not letting your fear of the money be a turning point. How this translate, that if you and yours want to explore new horizons and want your party or event to be memorable lets sit down and discuss your agenda and ideas and let Performance & Sound Co. take care of the rest.

DJ Bobby Lorenzo will show you what can be added based on the size of the event, taste and/or your preference. Most importantly, focus on what truly you want to see and narrow what you don't want or need. Remember, only you would know what is most important for you and yours during that special occasion. Thank you.

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